The Future in your hands

Walk through your future home or apartment with HomeAR, your Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality app. Create your own app in Android and iOS.

Have you ever visited a home that doesn’t exist yet?

With ARchitect that’s exactly what we propose to do: to visit the inside and outside of a house, explore the yards and poolside of your future home, all of this before it has even been built.

See it with Augmented Reality

See the 3D model, in real-size scale (1:1), on the building site! Imagine a giant, life-size 3D model of your home, which you can see at a 360º! This is the experience we provide with HomeAR, with the help of our Augmented Reality platform, Next Reality.

Take your new house home!

All you potential clients can explore, from the comfort of their homes, the details of the 3D models and share the best options with their families.

Visit each room inside your future home

With the help of Virtual Reality glasses, smartphones or tablets you can visit each of the rooms inside your future home, in a 360º model. Through HomeAR you can check out the view, windows and decoration possibilities in your future home.

Build and control your app

The product can be customized according to your brand and for that you need only chose the app name, your brand’s predominant color and logo.

You will have control of your app by adding and removing projects, adding or removing experience activation markers and adding or removing 3D experiences or multimedia content (such as videos).

We integrate your contents

We can integrate your contents such as your 3D models, with the indicated formats, photographs and videos.

We are here to help and for that reason we have a team of experts ready to help you create 3D models and other contents, if you require. Talk to us to find out more about what our project team can do for you!


Try it now!

Download the app and marker for ARchitect.

Download the marker to live an Augmented Reality experience

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  •   Projects (3D models)
  •   Platforms
  • Paper

    Function for visualization of 3D models in Augmented Reality, using physical supports such as catalogues, flyers, blueprints and outdoors.
  • Live

    Function for visualization of 3D models in real size (1:1 scale) in the construction site, using Augmented Reality.
  • VR

    Function for virtual navigation of a home’s various rooms, with furniture and decoration (with Virtual Reality glasses).


4 980,00 €
OR from 462,00 €/month
  • Android and iOS


6 980,00 €
OR from 629,83 €/month
  • Android and iOS


8 980,00 €
OR from 810,30 €/month
  • Android and iOS

Content hosting and maintenance annual contract: 1.990,00 €
Contents (3D models): These are the responsibility of the customer – or – can be developed under consultation with IT People’s internal 3D modelling team.
VAT to be added to the amounts above referenced.

Want to learn more about the APP?

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*We promise that your contact info will be used solely to get in touch with you and let you know the latest updates on the ARchitect app.

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Who we are

Founded in 2008, IT People Innovation is a Portuguese company dedicated to innovating and consulting in the development of technological solutions. IT People is one of the pioneers in the market of Augmented Reality, having launched the Next Reality platform, which is comprehended by app solutions that offer services of image recognition, content management, statistics and image or real object referencing through the technologies of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.